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InterTransIS is founded in 2013 by four experts with a proven track record in the logistic arena. Traditional information brokers in the logistic playground provide data related to the whereabouts of various MOT’s (Means Of Transport) during different transport modes without sufficient added value to enable you to make the right decisions in the operational process. InterTransIS is different. We provide intelligence and advice to improve your business processes without extensive lists and images of needless data that blur your decision making processes. Depending on your needs, InterTransIS offers information at different levels of added value without noise data. InterTransIS uses the DIKW-model, offering intelligence and advice that you need and when you need it. InterTransIS cooperates with world class data providers. The acquired data is combined with business process knowledge to provide state of the art information and advice through the Tram4U platform or through micro-services provided via API's so the information is directly applicable and ready to be integrated into your business processes.

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Combining the right data

Reliable information will make the difference

In the present information landscape there are several sources for logistic information. It is easy to use free information for your business. InterTransIS combines and validate all theire information sources through intelligent algoritms, therefor eliminating wrong and useless information. Because of that approach the information is reliable and will make the difference.

100% automated. 100% reliable

Unlike manual operated Information services the InterTransIS electronic Information service provides an almost 100% reliability. Error prone human processes are completely eliminated, so that you always receive a high quality service at a very competitive low price.

Years of experience in logistic processes

Because of the several different functions in logistic and maritime playingfields, the founders of InterTransIS are experienced in understanding the logistic processes. Therefor we understand the needs of their clients, providing dedicated and smart information products and services.

Several modalities

Combining data from different types of modalities, InterTransIS provide valuable information. Combining trucking information made avialable by the transporting company with the tracking information of other madalities will provide valuable information for planning.

Working together with Ports Information

InterTransIS has several direct connections with port authorities for exchanging information. Combining this information with other sources, realtime up to date information is provided via our platform or via our API-service.

Working together with knowledge institutes in projects

InterTransIS participates with knowledge institutes in logistic innovative projects. Therefor we keep track of all new developments within the logistic world.

Providing standard and tailormade information Solutions

InterTransIS combines global standard information with their own calculated information and algorithms. This can also be combined with our clients own data.

Meet our team

Logistic specialists

Gert van der Lee
Gert van der Lee

Operational management, Business Consultancy & Business Development.

Marijn Woud
Marijn Woud

IT management, Technical consultancy & management.

Bas Been
Bas Been

Sales, Finance & Control, Backoffice management, Operational support.

Frans van Hoorn
Frans van Hoorn

Senior Board Member, International Sales & Strategy.

Hans Bobeldijk
Hans Bobeldijk

IT management, Business development & Sales.

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