A combination of trusted information providers and intelligent information processing results in reliable, multi modal optimized information for the road, rail, inland and seagoing transport markets.

Road transport products

Combining the information of the TMS (Truck Management System) with approaching inland & seagoing vessel information, InterTransIS provides far in advance information on expected clearance time of containers and availability of other cargo at the terminal. Trucks can strongly reduce needless waiting times with this information.

InterTransIS, in most cases, can also provide information on expected arrival times of barges and rail cargo.

Of course the availability of the TMS information is depending on cooperation of the associated trucking companies.

Rail transport products

For rail providers (and traction providers) InterTransIS provides information on the actual availability of containers or other cargo before closing time. Far in advance you can change planning and add back log containers or other cargo.

Position and remaining journey time of trains, depending on cooperation with traction providers, can be accurately and real-time monitored.

The connection with inland vessel information as well as trucking information furthermore guarantees optimal insight in incoming and departing cargo. Far in advance and 100% accurate.